Chanel Frances Now Offers Skin-Safe Tans

by | Mar 6, 2024

As the tides turn in the beauty industry, Chanel Frances is proud to embrace the wave of healthier beauty alternatives. We recognize the importance of skin health and the growing preference for safer tanning solutions. That’s why we’ve introduced Mine Tan at Chanel Frances—a product line that marries the allure of bronzed skin with the peace of mind that comes from naturally derived ingredients.


Mine Tan was created with your skin’s well-being in mind. We’re talking about 100% natural DHA and vegan-friendly solutions to make sure your tan looks not just beautiful but feels naturally good. With Mine Tan, you’re not just getting a tan. You’re indulging in a skin therapy experience that’s kind to you and the environment. 


Dive into the world of Mine Tan at Chanel Frances, where beauty meets responsibility. Walk out with a sunless glow that radiates inside and out.

About Chanel’s New Skin-Safe Spray Tan Line

At Chanel Frances, we understand that beauty is more than skin deep. Our specialized spray tanning services reflect this philosophy, offering multiple options tailored to your needs.


  • The O.G. is our foundational tan, a classic choice available in medium, dark, or double-dark shades, designed for those who want a traditional bronzed look.
  • The Perfect Glow collection customizes your tan with color-correcting, ensuring that your tan complements your unique skin tone!
  • The Signature Line merges tanning with skin care. This premium option includes treatments like hydration, bridal, and sweat-proof tans, each formulated for different occasions!


Each product in our collections uses Mine Tan’s unique Skin-True Shade Technology. This innovative approach ensures your tan looks and feels authentic. The natural ingredients in these solutions—packed with antioxidants, botanicals, and hydrating oils—don’t just tan your skin; they nourish and moisturize it, too. 


For a detailed look at our offerings, please visit Chanel Frances’s Spray Tanning Services.

Levels of Tanning 

  • Natural Tan: For a subtle, sun-kissed look, this option is perfect for enhancing your complexion with a soft radiance. Achieve this by waiting a shorter time before your post-tan shower, as your Chanel Frances specialist directs.
  • Gradual Tan: For those seeking a deeper color, the gradual tan offers a buildable color that develops with each session. Your specialist will guide you on the optimal wait time before showering to create a gradual increase in tone, but for most, it’s around 2 or 3 hours.
  • Darker Tan: To make a bold statement with a rich, luxurious tan, this level deepens your color to a more pronounced shade. Full development of this look will take the longest wait time before showering. 

When Should You Get a Spray Tan?

Perfect for any occasion, a spray tan adds a confident glow to your skin for vacations, ensuring you’re beach-ready when you enter the sun. 


For prom-goers, a spray tan offers that extra sparkle to your ensemble. Brides and grooms can walk down the aisle with a sun-kissed shimmer, complementing the day’s magic. Family portraits become more vibrant, with everyone looking their best. 


Of course, a spray tan gives you that just-back-from-vacation radiance for those long, leisurely summer days without any sun damage. Let Chanel Frances & Co. be your partner in highlighting your natural beauty for these moments and more.

How to Take Care of Your Spray Tan

Chanel Frances advises a dedicated pre and post-tan care routine to maintain the beauty and longevity of your spray tan.

Before You Tan

  • Exfoliate and Moisturize: 24 hours before your appointment, moisturize thoroughly, focusing on elbows, knees, and ankles to ensure an even tan.
  • Avoid Certain Products: Skip high-pH shower products and in-shower moisturizers the day before your tan.
  • Wax or Shave: Do this at least 48 hours before your session to allow pores to close.
  • No Barriers: Don’t apply moisturizer, perfume, deodorant, or makeup on the day of your spray tan to avoid uneven development.

After Your Tan


  • Appropriate Clothing: Post-tan, opt for dark, loose-fitting clothing and easy-to-slip-on shoes.
  • First Shower: Use cold to lukewarm water without soaps or shampoos for the initial rinse.
  • Moisturize: After your first shower, moisturize regularly with suitable aftercare products to extend your tan’s life.
  • Avoid Sweat and Water: Steer clear of sweating and swimming for the first 24 hours to prevent fading.
  • Hands Off: Avoid touching your skin during the tan’s development to prevent uneven color.
  • Minimize Water Exposure: Prolonged water contact can dilute your tan, so keep showers brief and infrequent.


Adhering to these guidelines will help ensure your tan is as flawless and enduring as the service provided by Chanel Frances.

The Bottom Line

In the pursuit of beauty, the health of your skin should always come first. At Chanel Frances, we advocate tanning solutions that honor this principle, offering practical and kind products for your skin and the environment. We invite you to experience the difference with our natural, skin-safe tanning options.


Schedule your session today at Chanel Frances, where personalization and skin wellness are at the heart of our glow.


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